Pretend wedding cake

A few weeks ago, I was asked by a good friend to make a wedding cake for a pretend wedding.  It was to be part of a class on marriage that she was teaching at out church’s Vacation Bible School program.  I agreed, with the warning that it would have to be very simple.  I had every intention of baking the cake layers ahead of time and having everything ready, but other things took up my time instead.  We went on vacation, I spent some time sewing, and the boys had an art class.   Anyway, two days before the cake was due, I was seriously considering making a “pretend” cake for this pretend wedding.  We were just pretending, right?  We could just pretend to eat cake!  Well, sometimes, I work well under pressure.  And really, a wedding cake is just an extra large layer cake.  This is especially true for this one because I refused to tier it.

Well, simple as it was, it was not without its complications.  Everything went well at first.  I gathered all my ingredients.

After I got the cake into the oven, I worked on the frosting, which you can see in my mixer in the previous post.  The cake layers looked great coming out of the oven.

However, when I cut into the first one, I discovered that I didn’t bake it long enough.  Ack!  I had to scoop out the battery middle which left the second layer of the cake a little, umm, doughnutty?  Basically, what I have learned with layer cakes over the years is that frosting covers a multitude of sins.  I cut off the domed top of the second cake and stuck into the middle of the scooped out layer.  It was still very thin, like maybe an eighth of an inch.  Then, I applied a generous layer of frosting.  Good thing I had made 12 cups of frosting!

I think it turned out ok.  It tasted good, but you can tell there was a little extra frosting in the middle.

While this project was not a piece of cake, it was yummy and that’s all that really matters.  By the way, if you were thinking of asking me to bake a wedding cake, don’t, unless you want it to be a pretend cake.

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