Have a Cookie

It’s been months since I have baked cookies.  Really.  The last time I remember baking cookies was probably at Christmastime.  There’s been lots of cakes, breads, and even a few pies, but no cookies.  I like to bake cookies, but they are fussy.  You have to individually shape them somehow and then you have to stay close to the kitchen because they don’t bake very long.  Then, there’s the problem of all those baking sheets.  We don’t have much counter space around here, so I have to clean up the kitchen beforehand to make space for the cooling rack, baking sheets, mixing bowl, etc.  Anyway,  with a few events looming in the future that might appreciate these (not so) little treats, I decided to bake cookies.  Three kinds of cookies.  Last Thursday.  When it was 100 degrees outside.  My elder son was sick and I needed to do something with the younger one to occupy him.

We began with one of our favorites.

Oatmeal.  Usually I put in raisins, but this time we decided on cranberries and white chocolate.

Then I made everyone’s favorite.

Giant chocolate chip.  Each cookie uses 1/4 cup of dough.  They are 4-5 inches in diameter and really good.  We made a double batch.

Finally, we made one that is not a favorite in this house, but knew others would like.

Peanut Butter with chocolate chips.

When we were done, we had a lot of cookies.

I got all of these recipes from this book.  I was happy with all of them except the oatmeal ones.  They tasted good, but I wasn’t happy with the shape or size.  I think they need to be bigger.  They are the ones on the top right corner of the rack.    Compared to the other cookies, they just look too small, don’t you think?   And when it comes to cookies, bigger is always better.   Also, the white chocolate got kind of lost.  I don’t think we used enough or we needed to use bigger chunks.   So which cookie would you pick?


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  1. for me, there is no contest: anything with peanut butter!! 🙂

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