A new Odyssey

As I am writing this, I am sitting in my car waiting for the second day of Quilt Odyssey to begin. This is my first time going to a quilting convention and I am here to tell you that quilting is not a dying art/craft. I am a relative novice in the quilting world. Most of what I have learned has come from books and I really only know of one or two other people who quilt. Chances are, you are not one of them. If you are, hurray! Let me know so we can talk quilt.

If you do not quilt, but are interested, be assured that it is really not that hard.

There are about as many different styles and ways of quilting as there are people. You can do some really simple quilts that look great. And it’s not about being all countrified either. “Modern” quilting has really taken off. As far as I can tell, like anything a person creates, the quilt is a reflection of a person’s personality and style. So, whether you like a country home, or a spare contemporary style, there is something in the quilting world for you.

Really, the choices can be overwhelming. I have a couple of projects that I am sort of “shopping” for, so I have a relatively narrow focus as I am looking around at all the vendors. I know if I had no projects in mind, the array of fabrics, patterns, and tools would be intimidating. And it’s also helpful that I really don’t have too much time to wander around because I have to go pick up the boys from Vbs.

It keeps me focused. It always helps to have a destination in mind when one is embarking on a new adventure.



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