Goodbye Summer!

Well, I know summer is not technically over yet, but yesterday was the first day of school here in this house.  We’ll only have partial days this week to ease into the routine of things.  But, honestly, I find it to be a relief.  My boys function best when there is a set structure and rhythm to our days.  We’ve had a fun and action packed 6 weeks of traveling, hanging out with friends, and being sick (I could have done without that). We still have some fun outings planned here and there, but for now we are at home and (I hope) beginning an exciting new school year.

Actually, I have a secret love for beginning things.  Craft projects.  Books to read.  Opening new boxes of cereal.  I even like to begin the laundry, I just don’t like to finish it!

Here are a couple of projects I have begun recently.

This strip of fabric is waiting to be cut down for my Orchard Fruit quilt.  Stay tuned for more pics of this.  It’s coming along.

More fabric for a new quilt.

Here’s one block for it.  I think I might call it Field of Crosses.

And, lest you think all I do is sew…

A new sweater for the elder son.

We’ve also been trying to finishing projects around here.  The bathroom has a new coat of paint and I’m working on redecorating it.  The curtains are giving me a lot of trouble.  Before long, I think I will have visited every possible store in this town that sells curtains.  I know I could make them myself and I have looked at the fabric store, but just can’t find anything that fits my bathroom.  Is it just me, or are the fabric stores stocking a smaller selection nowadays?

Beginning lots of things is really exciting, but it is nice to have a feeling of accomplishment once in a while.  Most of my crafty projects take a lot of time.  That is why there is baking.

Purple Plum Torte from the New York Times Cookbook.  It takes 1 hour from start until pulling it out of the oven.  How long you wait to eat it is up to you.

Would you like a piece of cake?


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  1. #1. Totally love the name of your blog. #2. So nice to meet a fellow homeschooler and crafter! #3 Here’s to new beginnings! Nice to meet you and thanks for sharing a comment =)

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