Keeping Cool

Today is a day that I am really thankful for clouds and rain. It seems like we’ve had months of 90 plus degree weather and it has worn us all down. Sure, we’ve had some thunderstorms and we even had some hail, but it always seemed to happen at night or blow away so quickly that it made you wonder if you just imagined the rain. The temperature might dip down a little, but go soaring into the 90s again within hours. Somehow, I find this much more demoralizing than winter. In winter, you can put on layers, make hot chocolate, cozy up in front of the tv or a book. One doesn’t expect to be able to go out in the winter, but summertime is when a person is supposed to be able to enjoy the great outdoors. The last few weeks, we’ve taken to staring out the window into the blazing heat or retreating to the basement to cool off. The fans and the AC have been on almost continuously.

I know it’s not all bad. After all, the heat allows us to have treats like this:

A cream soda with real soy creamer! I just love how the soy creamer floated on top of the soda. You can use real cream or milk if you are not lactose intolerant like me. For me, this is a real treat, though I really only got two sips of this one. That pesky husband sucked the rest down when I wasn’t looking.

We also have been making lots of trips to Yogoya and Tutti Frutti. These are both part of this new trend of frozen yogurt places that serve tangier frozen yogurt. It’s not the same as the stuff you get from an ice cream shop or TCBY. It must have more of the good, healthy stuff because I can eat it and not get sick. An who can resist such yummy flavors as mango, pomegranate, watermelon, and (my fave) taro? And let’s not forget the toppings bar. Dozens of different fruits, nuts, candy, sauces, and even mochi! Since I discovered I could have this yogurt, we have gone once or twice a week. I think it might need its own budget line item.

Today is our second day in a row with temps below 90. We are relieved of the hot wall of air that hits our faces when we go outside. I can send the boys outside to play and not worry about heatstroke and they actually Want to play outside. The air conditioner is not turning on every other minute and I kinda feel like cooking.

However, I think we’ll still go get some frozen yogurt for dessert. It’s not that cool yet.


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