The Peach Not Taken

Every year, we try to go peach picking.  We go to the same farm we go to for blueberries, cherries, and apples.  We’ve been going there for over a decade.  I can tell now that the fruit trees are bigger than when we first started going.

Maple Lawn Farms

They have the best prices for pick your own fruit that we have seen.  Now, that’s probably because the farm is in PA.  Many of the farms nearer to us charge more because property values are more dear and people in the Washington DC/Baltimore Metro area just pay more for stuff.  We would rather take a longer drive through some pretty farmland and get our fruit cheaper.  Also, they have an very large corn field maze in the fall that we have heard is really fun.  We are planning to try it this year.

Today, it was time for peaches.  The peaches were ripe and waiting.  We are veteran fruit pickers.  We even have our own baskets.

We had the best weather for peach picking that we have ever had.  It was cloudy and not even 80 degrees when we left the house.  It was about the same when we got there and there was a nice breeze.  Usually, when we go to pick peaches it feels like the hottest day of the year and you kinda just want to get in and out before you pass out from the heat and humidity.  Today, I didn’t even break a sweat.  It was the easiest picking we ever had.

For one thing, the peaches were plentiful.

It’s a wonder there weren’t more broken branches.  This is a cluster of 4 peaches on one skinny branch thinner than a pencil.  That’s more than 2 pounds of peaches right there.

The guy at the orchard told us to taste the peaches before we picked them, so we did.  Not every one, of course.  Just a sampling, you know, to get an idea for what you’re getting.

They were so juicy, the juice was dripping down my arm and into my flip flop.   These are like nothing you will find at the grocery store.  For one thing, you have thousands to choose from, so you can pick the very best ones.

It was very difficult to stop picking because there was always another perfect looking peach waiting to be picked.

Finally, the husband told me I had to stop, so I did.  It is very helpful to have a minivan when going fruit picking, especially peaches and apples.

I know this may sound a little greedy, but even though I have 4 of these baskets (We picked three baskets for friends), I kinda want more.  After all, it only took us 45 minutes to pick this many peaches.  It took us longer to drive to the farm!  Shouldn’t I get a little more fun out of it?  Even the daunting task of eating, cooking and preserving all these peaches doesn’t deter me from wanting more.

If you like peaches, I encourage you to go out to a farm and pick them.  It’s one of summer’s greatest pleasures.


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