Peachy Keen

Well, now.  I bet you’re wondering what in the world I did with all those peaches after I got them home.  This is where it turns into work.  Most of it is fun work, but sometimes, it gets a little tiresome.  Ripe peaches do not wait for you like apples can.  If the peach is ripe, you either have to eat it or do something with it.

The first thing we do is sort them.  We always try to get a mix of peaches that are really ripe and almost ripe.  Otherwise, I would go crazy trying to not waste them all.  We’ve developed a pretty good system over the years to help us minimize peach waste.

On the bottom of the picture are peaches that are a little under-ripe.  They can wait a few days to be dealt with and we usually leave them on the floor in a corner.  The basket in the middle holds perfectly ripe and relatively blemish free peaches.  That basket goes into the fridge.  At the top is a basket of peaches that must be dealt with immediately.  Tomorrow, they will have started to rot.  They have bruises, cuts, or little blemishy spots.

It’s always a little hard to come back from a hot morning peach picking and then have to deal with them.  This time, with the weather being so good, you would think that I would have had more energy to deal with them.  Well, I might have, if I hadn’t had to make a dessert for the church lunch the next day.  When I agreed to do the dessert, I thought I would have more free time than actually happened.  So, I had to bake first.

I baked two cakes, one came out really well, the other was not as I expected.  The cake looked lovely coming out of the oven, but then fell behind my back and turned into a rectangular hockey puck.  Aaarrrgh!   This caused a little angst and I had to make do with it, because, really, I just could not make a third cake.  I tell you this because I don’t want you to think that everything I make turns out perfectly.  It. Does. Not.

Anyway, I still had a whole basket of peaches to deal with!

Last year, I took up canning after a 10 year absence (hmmm…my eldest is 9.  Do you think there’s some correlation there?)   I made lots of peach jam.  And then we all decided that we don’t like peach jam.  I’m not really sure what it is.  The husband says it’s the smell.  It’s true, cooked peaches smell ….  different.  Whatever the reason, I found myself trying to get ride of last year’s peach jam a few weeks ago.  However, everyone likes strawberry jam.

So I made Peach-Strawberry Jam

I used a recipe from Sarabeth’s Bakery.  It was an easy recipe and it made a lot–two things I really appreciate in a recipe.  The recipe instructions said to simmer the jam for 40 min and I did it for about an hour.  It just seemed a little too runny after 40.  We all agreed, it was really tasty.  E thought it tasted more of strawberry than peach and the husband said there was a honey-like flavor, though there is no honey in the recipe.  All I have to say is, I would be very happy to have this on my toast anytime.

Stay tuned for more peachy adventures….


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