The Boulangerie Returns

There’s lots going on over here.  On school days, I don’t usually get a chance to sit down with the computer until the afternoon and sometimes not even then if I have to teach history or one of those pesky “special” subjects like art or health.  We are getting into the swing of things, slowly.  The routine is becoming smoother. Here is a sure sign that things are returning to normal in this house.

Bread dough.  I love to bake bread.  I love it so much that I do it almost every Tuesday.  Except for the last 6 weeks when summer craziness took over and the outside temperature made turning on the oven seem sort of redundant.  Almost all the baking I’ve done in the past 6 weeks has been in my countertop oven, which doesn’t heat up the house, like the big one.  But, I can’t bake bread in there.  It’s kinda small and I don’t fancy the thought of cleaning bread dough off its heating element.

But today, the Boulangerie (that’s french for bread bakery) is finally back in business.

And today I’m trying two new recipes from this book.

First, Perfect White Pan Bread.

White bread has such a bad reputation these days.  All sugar and no nutrition, they say.  Well, I am part of a generation that grew up on Wonder Bread and I loved it.  I loved how I could smoosh it up into a little ball and I loved how it felt when I bit into it.  Having white Wonder Bread stuck to the roof of your mouth was like a rite of passage in my generation.  It was light and fluffy and you could eat a lot of it without feeling it.

Since it’s been awhile since I baked bread, I thought it would be a good idea to start with something basic, like white bread.  But, of course, I still have all these peaches lying around, so I decided on a whim to put some in the bread.

I just cut up 2 1/2 peaches into big chunks, tossed them with a little flour, cinnamon, and arrowroot starch and scattered them over the dough.

Then I rolled them up and set them aside to rise.

The second recipe is a richer version of white bread: Brioche.  Basically, it’s a sweet white bread with eggs and extra butter.  I think that makes it more nutritious.  Extra protein, right?

What a lovely, silky, dough!  I decided to do something peachy with these too.

Peachy Brioche rolls, anyone?

I actually cut a slit into the rolls for the peaches to try to make sure they  wouldn’t fall off during baking.  Then, I made a crumb topping and sprinkled it on.  Whoops!  I forgot to put cinnamon in the topping, so I sprinkled on some of that too.

Both of these doughs were a dream to work with.  In fact, I think this book is worth buying or at least checking out from the library every other month, just for these two recipes.  The book is great for new bakers because it has loads of pictures and also has good hints for making sure your baked goods turn out well.  It doesn’t have a ton a recipes, but the ones it does have are staples and well explained.  But really, the proof is in the results, don’t you think?


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