In a Jam

One of my favorite things to do with fruit when it is in season is to preserve it. If I can freeze it, I will. Frozen fruit is really handy for smoothies, pies, and even cakes. But if I had to choose only one thing that I could do with fruit that is in season, I would make jam. I love jam and I find jam making to be a magical process. Whenever I make a batch of jam, I line them up on the counter and admire the glistening jars as if they were jewels. Really. It’s weird, I know.
But look how nice they look.

Peachy Cherry Vanilla Jam with Kirsch

Lately, I’ve been sort of making up my own jam recipes and having more fun with it than you want to know.

But, here’s the problem. I think I have too much jam. Now, that’s quite a feat because we eat a lot of jam in this house. Jam goes on toast, in pancakes, on top of pancakes, swirled in cake, rolled up in buns…you get the picture.

This is where I need your help.

Would you like some jam?  I will give you an opportunity for one of you to win a jar of jam from my jam cupboard. All you have to do is leave a comment with your answer to this question:

How many jars of jam do I have in my cupboard right now? (we’re not counting the ones that are open in the fridge).

You have until noon, Eastern time on Monday, August 15, to submit an answer. Only one per person please and, sorry, but I can’t ship outside the United States.

The closest answer to the actual number wins, so take a guess!


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  1. Carie — I would love Jam. You are very talented when it comes to food things! –Kathy

  2. Laura Wagner guesses 35 jars! I know how easy it is to make ‘just one more batch!’ I used to do this myself ‘back in the day.’ But no more time 😦

  3. 51 jars…

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