For the Love of a Wooden Spatula

Everyone has a favorite cooking utensil.  I have lots of them, each useful in its own way.

Lately, I have really been attached to this wooden utensil.

Can you see it?  It’s a flat wooden spatula.  I know most people have wooden spoons, but do you have a wooden spatula?  They are terrific.   This one has a flat tip which is great for scraping the bottoms of pots so things don’t burn and is gently curved so that you don’t have to contort your wrist.  It is sturdy enough to scrape up stuck-on stuff and mash stuff with.  Also, the great thing about wooden utensils is they are safe for nonstick coated pans and they won’t melt under high heat.

I have been using it to stir all my jams and sauces and it has really saved a couple of my jams.  Jams get really thick and they start to stick on the bottom if you’re not right there stirring all the time (which I am not–I’m easily distractable).  A spoon does not get at all the stuck on stuff at the bottom of a pot.  It always just makes channels in the stuck on stuff, leaving behind lines of stuff to burn.  This spatula, with its flat tip brings up all that stuck on stuff in just a few swipes.  For that reason, it’s also great when you have to make a sauce that requires you to scrape up the fond left in the pan after browning the chicken, beef, veggies, etc.  Not only does it help with the clean up later, it ensures that all the flavor in your jam, sauce, or dish, stays with the food and not stuck on the bottom of your pan.

For just $5, it was a bargain.  If you find one (they are not as common as their spoon sisters), I’d get one if I were you.  I may just go to the store now to see if I can find another, because having two could be doubly handy.  I could stir a pot of jam and a pot of tomato sauce at the same time!  Joy!


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