The Story of a Fruit Basket Quilt

Awhile ago, I got sucked in by a fabric sale online and bought lots of fruit fabric.  Even though I loved the fabric, I puzzled about it for a long time.  You see, the fruit pattern was really large.

Each fruit was 3-4 inches.  So, I knew it needed to be used on large pieces, otherwise the fruit would be lost.

After searching around for awhile, I happened upon the Urban Lattice Quilt Pattern by Me? A Mom and thought it would be just right.

I had a stack of Starr hand-Dyed fabric that I thought would go well with the bright primary colors of the fruit.

I made 36 of these 12 inch blocks.  At first I had planned only 24, but I just couldn’t stop and liked the idea of a square quilt.

It was the first time I used paper piecing, and it was interesting.  The paper really did help with precision and kept the fabric from shifting about too much.  The guys in the house kept asking why I was sewing on paper and how was I going to get it off?  Well, the secret to getting the paper off is to use little hands.

What do you think?

Now, I just have to baste and quilt it.


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