Wacky Wednesday

Things around here are a little wacky today.  Actually, I guess it started yesterday with the unexpected 5.8-6.0 earthquake that startled everyone.  The phones went wacky.  The husband was sent home from work–that Never happens.  It was strange.

Then, this morning, I got up before the boys-this also almost Never happens.  We had a series of odd mishaps.  I poured my milk in the wrong bowl and had to eat E’s bowl of cereal.  I tried sending the boys outside to play after we were done with school, but E’s scooter was broken and his bike tires were flat.  Then, they came inside because they were being attacked by mosquitoes.  I sewed a piece of fabric on my quilt backwards.  Then, when I sewed it again, one piece was too short.  I made some pie dough and it came out all pasty.

If you’ll notice, most of these mishaps revolve around my brain not quite doing its job today.  Perhaps I’ve done too much lately?

Monday–a full day of school plus

4 jars tomato basil sauce, 4 jars ginger peach jam, 5 jars fig jam with candied citrus peel

Tuesday–another full day of school plus

20 jam buns plus 12 peach buns

2 loaves oatmeal honey bread

Plus a pot of braised short ribs.

I think I’ll take this afternoon off.  What do you think?

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