Cardboard to the Rescue

This week for Thankful Thursday, I am going to talk about cardboard.  Yes, I know.  What in the world could I have to say about cardboard?

Well, actually quite a lot.  We take cardboard for granted, I think.  Every time we go to the store, we bring home loads of cardboard–even more if you go to a warehouse store.  You would think that if you buy in bulk, you would be saving on packaging materials, but have you seen the kind of cardboard that cereal comes in from Costco?  It’s amazing.  I think you could sit on it and your cornflakes would still be safe.

I bet almost everything we have has been in a cardboard box at some time or another.  Then, once you’re done using a cardboard box as a storage device, cardboard continues to be useful–as a tool, a toy, a cushion, an art project, and even as mulch for the garden.  We save lots of cardboard boxes.  You just never know when they will come in handy.

This week, I took this cardboard box (I highly recommend this vacuum, by the way, but maybe I’ll talk about it in another post)

and I cut it up into pieces.  Well, really, I just wanted two long pieces, one each for the boys.  I cut some notches in one end of each piece 1/4 inch apart for 9 inches.  See?

Then, I took the yarn we had dyed last week and wound it around the length of the cardboard, wrapping it around the notches when I came to them.  Lastly, I added a few pieces of tape.  Do you know what it is?

That’s right, it’s a loom.  I dug out some yarn that we had dyed a few years ago with kool-aid.  The boys picked out a color and I taped an end to a ruler.  Then, they started weaving.

It was a bit of a slow start at first and they made a few mistakes, but hopefully they will get the hang of it.   After watching them struggle a little, I added another piece of cardboard to cut their work in half.

Now, on every other row, they can just lift the little cardboard piece and slide the ruler right through.  It’s going to be tricky going around the end of the cardboard, so we’ll see what happens then.  Here’s one last picture of both looms together.

See, isn’t cardboard useful?  I’m happy that I didn’t have to go out and spend oodles of money on a loom (and so is the husband) for the kids.  Now, I can use that money for more yarn or fabric!  Yay for cardboard!

Do you have a favorite use for cardboard?

p.s.  I did get this idea from the Colonial Days book I mentioned last time, but I kinda expanded it a little.  The project in the book was just a little potholder.  We have enough of those in the house.  Plus, I may be an over-achiever.

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