The Best Ever Recipe for Brownies that Just Happen to be GF

GF means gluten free and there’s a growing number of people who are being diagnosed with gluten sensitivities.  Unfortunately for them, gluten is everywhere.   Thankfully, there is a growing awareness of their plight and lots of products to help them as well.

There are some good cake mixes and bread mixes and pastas that are GF and gluten free.

But brownies, not so much.  The brownie mixes that are out there just all fall short somehow, either in flavor, texture, or both.  I haven’t tried all of them, but the ones I have tried have been kinda sad.  In my opinion, the same can be said for most regular glutenized brownie mixes.

Then, I found this recipe by David Lebovitz on his blog.

Here’s what I like about this recipe:

1.  It’s made all in one pot.

2.  There’s no weird ingredients to buy.  Instead of flour, he uses a mixture of cocoa powder and cornstarch.

3.  The chocolate flavor really shines through.  You use 8oz of chocolate, so pick one you really like and the brownies will taste like them.

4.  A lined pan means they are easy to take out of the pan and easy to clean up after.

5.  It takes less than 10 minutes to mix up-Really!

6.  The husband, who normally hates brownies because he thinks they usually don’t taste like chocolate, loved these.  He said I could make them anytime.

7.  They keep well.  I made them on Monday and had one yesterday that was just as yummy.

8.  I usually don’t like fudgey brownies, but these are different.  They are soft, not sticky like fudge, and they melt in your mouth.

9.  My kids loved them.  They usually can tell if something is GF, but not this time!

I used toasted, sliced almonds from Trader Joe’s and I liked the extra texture it gave to the brownies, plus I saved myself two steps.  You can use any nut you like, just be sure to toast them.  When I have to toast nuts for a recipe, I’ll often toast the whole bag and save the rest for later.  That way, you only have to toast once.

I also used 56% dark chocolate from Iceland that I got at Whole Foods.  I’d show you a picture, but I threw the wrapper away.  It was a 7oz bar, so I supplemented with an ounce of GF chocolate chips.  Another GF brand of chocolate I like is Guittard.  To be sure, check of GFness, check the label.

Mr. Lebovitz stresses one thing in the recipe and I will too:  Make sure you stir the batter for a full minute.  I counted to 60 and added a few more, just to be safe.

Line the pan with foil and use a nonstick spray on the foil and they’ll come out of the pan like a dream–no trying to pry them out with a knife.  I’m all about reducing clean up.

Also, if you’re new to baking GF and you’re baking for someone who is GF, make sure everything you use is really, really, clean and if you can’t be sure that you’ve never put a floury spoon in your cocoa or cornstarch, get a new package and use that instead.  Then, when they are done, please do not put them on the same plate with other non-GF foods.  Even a crumb can make a GF sensitive person sick for days.

So, if you really want to make your GF friends happy, make these brownies for them.  And if your GF friend makes these brownies, you should have one.   Actually, anytime you feel like eating a brownie, you should make these.  They really are the best brownies ever.


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