They Don’t Make Them Like They Used to

My dryer died last week.  A few thoughts ran through my head when the realization hit me:

1.  Did I do something wrong?  Was it my fault?

2.  Oh no, now we have to go buy a new dryer.  How much is That going to cost?

3.  I wish I knew this before I ran that dirty load of the boys’ dark clothes that included jeans, of all things.

4.  Ugh!  It’s 10:00 at night!  How am I going to get these clothes dry?

5.  Yay!  I get to pick out a new dryer.

The answer to number 1:   No.  I did not do anything wrong.  Ok, I sorta did not do anything wrong.  The lint filter did need cleaning, but the dryer was old.  The heating element just died.  There will always be a tiny part of me that wonders if I could have caused the heating element to die by not cleaning out the filter, but I’ll just have to live with that.

The answer to number 2:  Way more than I expected.  We could go way cheap, but that is not generally our way.  Besides, I do a lot of laundry and the boys will only be getting bigger, meaning their clothes will be getting more voluminous and dirty.  It will be nice to have some extra features.

The answer to number 4:  The dryer drum still turned, so we just ran it with unheated air.  It took almost 6 hours to get the clothes mostly dry.

Now, when this happened, I did not intend to blog about an old, dead dryer, especially on Thankful Thursday.  I confess I wasn’t feeling very thankful about it for awhile.

Then, I found out how old the dryer was.

31 years old

Wow!  That’s a lot of laundry.

I think it deserves some acknowledgement for all those years of faithful duty.  We have only used it for the last 8 years of its life, but we did not have any trouble with it.  It did it’s duty quietly and without complaining, even when I neglected to clean out the filter.

So, goodbye, Whirlpool Imperial Seventy.  Thanks for all your hard work, especially for the past 8 years.  Enjoy your retirement.

I’m sorry to display such a bad picture of you (and in your broken-down state, too!), but basements are not known for their flattering light.

Now, let’s hope the new one can live up to your standards, but I’m doubtful.  They just don’t make them like they used to.


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  1. aw, what a great faithful servant! best of luck finding an equal replacement.

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