Half Done is Just Begun

This has been a crazy busy week for us here.  On top of our usual school load, we’ve had to deal with replacing our dryer.  There has also been much looking at the calendar for the next month and stressing about how busy we are going to be.  On top of it all, the oldest came down with the fever and throw ups last night.  I think this is the third or fourth time he’s been sick in the past couple months (I am So Done with headaches, fevers, and vomit).  All of this means that not much seems to be getting done around here.

This seems to be true of my crafting as well.  Though I have reached the halfway point in a couple of projects, the half that’s left seems more than what I’ve already done, somehow.

Here is one finished Conwy Sock in Knit Picks Gloss, colorway Pumpkin.

I got this yarn as a gift from the husband a few Christmases ago and I started these socks last October.  It doesn’t usually take me this long to knit one sock, but I have to say that I found the pattern to be tedious.  It’s easy to remember, but for whatever reason, it just goes really slowly.  Now, I’ve finished one and I’m sorta reluctant to start another.  But, if I don’t start them, I will have Project Guilt.  I really like the sock, so we’ll have to see if I can get past the tediousness.

This is where practicality meets your fun hobby in a not so fun way.  A hobby is supposed to be fun and enjoyable, so what do you do with a project when it becomes unfun?  Well, usually, I am unmerciful and just rip it out, but really that only happens when it is something I find I do not like as much as I thought I would like (I hope you could follow that.)  This is not the case with this project, so I have a feeling it will stick around and taunt me until the guilt gets to be too much and I reluctantly slog my way through another sock.  Though, at the end, I will have a really nice pair of socks…if I don’t lose the first one first.

I’m also at the halfway point of my Longshadows scarf in Schaefer Anne.

This is the first scarf I have ever knit and might be my last.  Unlike my sock, though, it is not because of the pattern.  The pattern is brilliant.  It’s the first project in a knitting club that I joined recently.

I joined Anne Hansen’s Fall in Full Color club on a kind of whim.  I’ve looked longingly at other exclusive knitting clubs before and could never bring myself to purchase one because of the fear that I would not like the patterns or the yarn or both.  However, I’ve been following her Knitspot blog for quite awhile now, so I was pretty sure I would like her patterns, and when I discovered she was offering a pattern only option, I signed up.  I thought this would be a great compromise.  I would have the patterns, but  I would be able to choose my own yarn.

No, my issue with this project lies in what it is.  A scarf.  I just don’t really wear them anymore.  I used to when we didn’t have a car and had to walk everywhere.  Now, I find that they sort of get in the way.  I’m always having to adjust them or keep them from getting dragged through something.

The reasons I’m persisting with this project are twofold.

First, it really is a fun pattern to knit.  There’s just enough lace to keep things interesting, but it’s not so difficult that I have to concentrate really hard on it and become the Knitter That Must Not be Interrupted.

Secondly, the next pattern is coming out on Monday and I know I will have that Project Guilt again if I don’t finish this before I start the next one.  Depending on the new pattern, I’m not sure I’ll be able to resist, though.

So, there you have it.  Two projects I am half done with.  One in which I love the finished product, but kinda loathe the process and another in which I love the process, but am not sure I will find the finished product useful.  It just goes to show, even in your hobbies, you can’t always have it all the way you want it.

p.s.  I really love both yarns and would highly recommend them.


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