Back from the 18th Century

We have returned from our foray into the 18th century and I have to say, I think we are all glad that we live in the 21st century.  I think if we had had better weather, we would be much happier about our trip.  As it was, the first day was a suffocatingly humid day, the second day was torrential rain, and the third day (the last and most pleasant) was cloudy and damp.

Still, we got to see some interesting things.  The canons were great fun to see being used, not to mention really loud.

It was fun to see the fifes and drums and the soldiers with guns and bayonets.

The boys loved playing around in the Palace gardens.

They also got to explore a small 18th century plantation and get some veggies (a radish and turnip) and herbs from the garden.

My favorite was, of course, the weavers, where we got to see wool being dyed.

I very much wanted some of that indigo dye, but it was not for sale.

There was really something interesting for everyone and if you haven’t been, I would recommend it.  Hopefully, you will have better weather when you go.


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  1. ohhhhh…that yarn! *drool*

  2. I am impressed by the colors of the yarn as well. But that garden looks pretty nice. Makes me want to take a stroll.

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