Instant Gratification in a Bag

Sometimes I find that the stuff of life is overwhelmingly endless.  As soon as the dishes are done, more are being dirtied.  The same can be said about laundry, yardwork, schoolwork, etc.  Really, it applies to most things we have to do.  It even sort of applies to crafting.  Many of my projects are more long term than short term.  Sweaters aren’t knitted in a day and quilts also take at least a few hours.

Most days I’m ok with it.  There’s a comforting predictability to it all.  But, then there are the days when I long for some feeling of accomplishment.  You know, something tangible that I can look at and say, “Look what I did today–isn’t it great?”

I had one of those days last week and instead of going shopping (which is what I usually do when I want some feeling of having accomplished something), I went to the sewing/schoolroom and whipped something up in a jiffy.

I used some old heavy weight fabric that I bought years ago that was supposed to be Roman Blinds for the bathroom, but never got done.  I love the stripes and the simplicity of it.

I love the rectangular bottom that helps keep it from falling over and the handles that I made with the help of my bias tape maker.  It probably took me about 30-40 minutes to make, which is like some sort of crafty record for me.  Nothing I make is a ever a quick project!

Plus, it’s ever so eco-friendly.  I can use it for a lunch bag, a book bag, a grocery bag, or a craft bag.  In fact, It’s so handy that I think I might need to make more.  Lots more.  You can never have too many bags, right?

But, I am wondering, do you think it needs some embellishment?  I was thinking of maybe an iron on flower or something?  Or should I leave it plain and just enjoy its utilitarianess?


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