At (but not across) the Finish Line

It’s Friday-Yay!  This has been a long week that was made longer by a head cold that took over my life on Wednesday.  Thankfully, I am feeling a little more functional today and I am hoping that feeling grows on me.

In crafty news, I have reached the final stages of a few projects this week, but some circumstances hold me back from actually finishing the blasted projects.

Firstly, I finished knitting that red scarf I wrote about here.  Seven hours in the car to and from Williamsburg really helped that project along.  Last night, I put it in some water to wash and get ready to block.  This, however, did not go as smoothly as planned.  As soon as that scarf hit the water, the red dye started bleeding and has not stopped since.  See?

I took this picture this morning after I had run it under water for almost an hour last night,  then leaving it to soak overnight with at least half a dozen changes of water.  This morning, I did a little Reasearch and Development on how to stop the bleeding, which led me to soaking it in a vinegar solution all morning.   This looked promising at first since the water did not immediately turn orange or pink, but after rinsing it to get the vinegar smell out (brimming with hope that it would be the last rinse), the water started turning pink again.

All I can say is – AArrrgh!  So, I’ve put it in a stronger solution of vinegar and we’ll see what happens.  Strangely, the color of the scarf does not seem to be getting any lighter.

The next almost finished project is this sweater that I dug out of hibernation last week.  I started it a year ago and put it away when the weather got a little warm in the spring.

It was all in pieces when I got it out and in a couple of hours I was able to sew it all up.  Now, I am working on knitting the collar, which has given me some fits.  I’ve had to restart it two times and I hope I’m on the right track now.  The first half is almost done and I hope to get it finished very soon.  Apparently, the weather here is going to be skipping fall and going right to winter.  I might want this sweater sooner rather than later.

The last thing I have to show you is something I decided to do on a whim yesterday.  Remember those blocks I made a few weeks ago that turned out to be off by a little?  Well, here they are again, re-purposed.

I got this idea from Stitched in Color, who has been busy making these notebook covers for awhile.  At first, I thought I might do some potholders, but I have enough of those that the boys have made me over the years.  This project is a good way to use up scraps, like Stitched in Color does, but it also works well for those quilt blocks that are not quite right.  I just have to iron it and sew the last few seams.  I’m kinda winging it (i.e. not using a pattern), so I hope it works out.

Anyway, that’s how it looks from here for the week.  Maybe next week I’ll have some finished things to show you.  Have a good weekend everyone!


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