Daily Archives: October 3, 2011

Two Fall Activities Not to be Missed

Every year in October we go to Maple Lawn Farms for apples.  There is nothing like eating an crisp apple picked fresh from the tree on a cool fall day.  This year, I did very little picking.  The boys did almost all of it and they were having so much fun that I held back from picking so that they could pick more.

It was really sweet to see how they worked together, the older one climbing the tree and picking, while the younger one took them and put them in the baskets.  We picked a eight half bushel baskets this year–that’s about 160 pounds!

After we stopped picking (which is always really hard–it only took us an hour to pick this many), we grabbed some apple cider donuts from the market–yum!

Then, we headed off to the next adventure, which was almost as fun as the apple picking.

The farm has a huge complex of fun activities, including a Very large corn maze to get lost in.  This was our first time doing the corn maze and we learned a few things to keep in mind for next time.

First: make sure you go to the bathroom before you start.  There are no port-o-potties in the maze.

Second: Take some water.  You might be in there for hours, but drink sparingly (see first point).

Three: Allow yourself an unlimited amount of time for this activity since, once you are done with the corn maze, there are several more on the farm you can get lost in.

Four: Be sure to instruct the kids on how to carry the flag or be prepared to have it be used as a lance.

It was great fun and we vowed to come back next year with more time to spare.

In the meantime, I’m going to get to work on those apples.