Japanese Translator Needed

This week I am starting a new project.  I have long been an admirer of Sashiko embroidery.  Well, ok, I only found out about it last year, but every since I saw it here and somewhere on this blog (I couldn’t find the exact posting), I have wanted to try it.

I thought about buying a kit and trying it first, but true to my over achieving nature, I have schemed up a much larger project–a Duvet Cover.

Yes, really!

At first I thought I would do a quilt, but I wasn’t sure if I would have the stamina to sashiko a whole big quilt at once.  After all, I am still not finished with the quilt I started quilting 10 years ago.  Then, I thought that I could buy a bunch of Sashiko kits, do the embroidery, and then sew them all together.  But, at almost $10 a kit, and only being about 13 inches square per kit, it would take a lot of dollars to buy enough kits to patch together a large enough duvet cover.

Then, a few weeks ago, I visited a local quilt shop and discovered this wonderful fabric.

This line of fabric was inspired by traditional Japanese fabrics and there are even some that look Sashiko-ed.  I was quite smitten with the fabric and thought that I could make my quilt/duvet cover with this instead.  But, I couldn’t quite get the Sashiko out of my head.  There is something about the orderliness and geometry of the lines that I Just Love.  So, I gave in and bought this.

What you see is a couple of Sashiko kits, needles, sashiko thread, and a Sashiko book.  The kits are supposed to be a way for me to practice the craft of Sashiko, while the book will allow me to sort of design my own blocks.  At least that was the initial idea.  The book has some beautiful projects in it.  Look at this one.

And these are great too.

Oh, I just love how the lines move and one pattern changes into another.  The only problem is, as you have probably guessed by the title of my post, the book is written in Japanese.  Though I lived in Japan when I was little, I know no Japanese.  I think I can probably figure out most of what I need to know from just the diagrams and pictures, but it would be Really nice to know what the words mean.  I am sure there are many great tips and bits of interesting history contained in those characters.  This is when I long to have one of those minds that can pick up languages easily.

Anyhow, in the meantime, I will study the pictures and do the best I can.   Wish me luck and if any of you do happen to know how to read Japanese, I would Love some help!


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