Daily Archives: October 11, 2011

Score: Me – 2, Apples – 4

It has been over a week since we went apple picking. If you’ll remember, we had 8 half bushels. Well, we gave away 2, so we had 6 left. After a week, we still have 4. We have probably eaten the equivalent of a half bushel or maybe a little less. In any case, here’s what you can get from approximately one half bushel of apples:

1 apple cake–This was the first thing I made using the apples and the first time I used this recipe. It was good and I loved the fact that the apples did not have to be peeled, BUT the cake took about 30 minutes longer to bake than the recipe suggested. Either my apples were too big or the recipe was wrong. In any case, if you want to make this, just know it will bake longer, or you could try a 9 inch pan instead.

2 apple breads–The dough looks like a crazy mess when you put it in the pan, but turns out to be nicely rustic-looking after it is baked. I imagine this would make really good french toast.

3 quarts of apple sauce-these were made from the leftover pulpy apples that I got from making jelly-easy and so economical too! These are destined for the freezer.

4 batches of dried apples – each jar contains 7-8 apples and each batch takes 12 hours in the oven to dry. I put them in when the boys go to bed and take them out when I get up in the morning. I may write up a little post on how to do this–would anyone be interested?

5 well, there isn’t a 5 of anything, though I did briefly think about making 5 caramel apples just so I could have something to list under the number 5–I clearly did not get around to it.

6 jars of apple jelly-I am proudest of these stained-glass beauties. Making jelly is more magical than making jam. Plus, it takes me back to my childhood. Did anyone else grow up on apple jelly? We always had it in the house. Most people I know grew up on grape jelly or strawberry jam. I am the only one I know who grew up on apple jelly.

Well, there you have it–all from one overflowing half bushel of apples. I have four more. I don’t know whether to laugh or cry! Does anyone have a favorite apple recipe you would recommend? The more apples a recipe uses, the more likely I will be to try it!