Upside-Down, Indecisive, and Color-Challenged

Last week, I started a new project.  Well, I started a lot several new projects, actually.  I kinda had a little case of startitis.  I am not sure I have ever like the name of this as it sounds like a disease.  A burst of inspiration is a nicer way of putting it.  Now, when this happens to me, I will often start lots of things within a short period of time, but not all of them will make it past the first lap before I turn fickle and put them down.  Sometimes it’s a matter of materials not fitting the intended design and other times I just plain do not like it.   I am ok with this because it is all part of a normal creative process.

In fact, the husband has recently informed me that he learned it is not “third time’s a charm” as we all like to say, but it actually takes Four rounds of a design to get something to work right.  Now, he’s in engineering and we are talking about crafting here, but he might have a point.

Take this newest sweater project of mine.

I started off with four colors and the intent to make this beautiful sweater.  It appealed to me because it was pretty and I already had the same type of yarn the pattern called suggested.  It also intrigued me because it is knit from the top-down or upside down.  Now, I have done this before, but not with fair isle.  It is a little odd to see the stitches upside down when I turn it right side up, but  I don’t think I will notice that too much when it is done.

So, I breezed through the neck and began the color work, but soon discovered that the dark grey and the purple did not show up well next to each other.  So, I took it out and tried the purple with the red, but I didn’t much like that either.  It was too red.

At this point, I dragged my kids to the yarn shop in the middle of a school day (big mistake, must Not do that again) and picked out a different color.

What do you think?  I am not loving this color, either.  Unlike the first two tries, though, the yellow/orange does show up well against the purple.  Now, I have a dilemma.  Do I rip it out, drag myself to the yarn store again, and try a 4th color?  I hate to put so much time and effort into something that I only feel meh about.  But I also know that I am really indecisive and have a hard time visualizing color combinations that work.  Maybe I will like it more once the whole sweater is done?   I think I could use some color counseling.  Can anyone help?

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  1. mmm…colorwork knititng. i like your color combo!

  2. I love these colors! I think they’re good together. In fact, I saw the pic before I read the article and knew what it was about. My first thought was, ‘Must not get distracted by the pretty colors till AFTER I read the article.’ So, there you have it. My vote is in. 🙂

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