Three Bags Full

This weekend, we traveled to Rhinebeck, New York for the annual New York Sheep and Wool Festival.  This our third year going to the festival and I had lots of plans to take pictures and blog along the way, but somehow, just never got around to it.  Maybe it was the crowds of people or maybe I’m a little self conscious taking pictures in public and I know I was too shy to take pictures of the famous knitterly people I saw.  In any case, the only pictures I have to share with you from the festival are those I took of the real stars of a sheep and wool festival: Sheep!

Isn’t he cute?

And some of them were really friendly, too.

The alpacas were adorable as well.  I just love their big brown eyes.

If it weren’t for these guys, we wouldn’t have the lovely wool we love to craft with.  I managed to procure a little of that wool to bring home with me as well.  After all, I couldn’t look at all those lovely sheep and not want to bring some home, but I don’t think the neighbors would like that, so I settled for wool (and a few books).

Isn’t that just the biggest cone of yearn you’ve ever seen?  It’s 3.93 pounds (yes, Pounds!) of fingering weight sock yarn.  It’s enough to make at least 3 sweaters or 13 pairs of socks.  I think I will have to ponder that a bit, but I have some crazy fun ideas for it already–the only problem is, any project I make with it will have to stay at home because there is no way I am lugging around that cone!  All in all, another very satisfactory weekend at Rhinebeck and I’m already looking forward to next year.


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