1. I cannot seem to get my thoughts organized today, so here’s a random list of what I thought about saying today.
  2. We made some yummy iced shortbread cookies yesterday for our homeschool coop group. 
  3. While the kids were all eating, my oldest looked around and exclaimed, ” There’s something not right here!  No one’s taking your cookies, Mom!”  It’s nice to know he appreciates me, even when others don’t!
  4. There were only three cookies left when we departed.
  5. My youngest did not partake of any of my cookies and has not wanted any that we brought home.
  6. I was planning to get out all the winter clothing and put away all the stuff the boys have outgrown, but instead only managed to do a couple of loads of laundry because
  7. I decided to bake an apple pie.
  8. I tried a new technique for the pie filling which involved precooking the apples a little to wilt them.
  9. I may have been a little impatient with the filling and put it into the crust when it was still warm.
  10. The crust may have melted.
  11. I started a new history book today and am thinking that this will interfere seriously with my blogging time.
  12. Fair Isle is a little addictive.
  13. It is a gorgeous Fall day outside and I think I need to go for a walk.
  14. I need to walk because I will be having a piece of apple pie with a melted crust later.
  15. I wonder what we’ll have for dinner?  What are you having?

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