On the Edge of Sanity

Lately, I have been feeling a little frayed at the edges.  The past month has been a whirlwind of activity.  We’ve had two out of town trips, 3 field trips (not included in the out of town trips), and the husband was gone on a business trip for a whole week.  On top of this, I have been teaching school, dealing with a huge load of apples ( I still have some–can you believe it?) , and try to keep the house in a state that is livable.

One thing I have Not been doing much of is cooking.  Honestly, by the time we get to the time of day when I am supposed to be getting dinner ready, I am ready for the day to be over.  This was especially true the week that the husband was gone.  I did not cook a single meal that whole week!  This is when I am really grateful for our freezer.  We got it last year when we decided to start buying meat in bulk.  The husband knows someone who raises hogs and steer and we’ve been getting most of our meat from him for the past year.  It is really nice to have all this at hand and not have buy meat at the store–I just have to remember to thaw the meat in time!  Also, I’m not subject to whatever is on sale at the store or have to pay up if I’ve planned to make something.

Another benefit to having a freezer is being able to cook in bulk when I have time and store meals in the freezer that can be reheated or prepared with minimum prep.  At the moment, the freezer is chock full because we just got out half hog for the year.

In addition to meat and meals, I also store extra baked goods: loaves of bread, extra biscuits, cake layers, etc.  There are also containers of applesauce, apple pie filling, peach pie filling, and buttercream frosting.  Pretty much anytime I bake bread or cake or anything, I will double the recipe and freeze the extra.  It just makes my weekdays much easier and saves us a lot of money that we would spend on going out to eat because I did not have time to cook.

Also, the freezer allows us to do our annual cookie dough fund-raiser–more about that later.  If you have the space and two or more children, I would highly recommend getting a freezer.  Even if you just use it to store the 10 gallons of ice cream that your growing children will eat, it is worth it.  Just be prepared that, just like time, closet space, counter space, and money, you will likely run out of freezer space quickly.  It is really easy to just “stick it in the freezer.”  And who knows?  It just might help keep you from going over the edge.

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