Fabulous Friday

Happy Friday! I am always happy to see Friday come, but today I am especially happy because I have some finished stuff to show you.

I’ll start with the newest sashiko block that is finished.

This was really finished over a week ago, but I’ve only just got around to taking a picture. These little motifs are fun and they don’t take too long. I am still working on the evenness of my stitches, but I am sure that will come along. I only have about 100 more to do for the duvet cover. Am I crazy? Ummmm, don’t answer that!

Next up are the interminable Pumpkin Conwy socks.


I cannot even express how glad I am that these are done! I should rename them the Best Worst Socks I have Ever Knit. They look amazing and I love how they fit. I just Really disliked knitting them. Those twisted stitches were fiddly and there were such a lot of them! Somehow, I never really got into the groove of this pattern, and only managed to finish by sheer determination or stubborn will. I am like that sometimes.

Anyway, next up is a sweater project I started Two years ago.


This project kept getting picked up and put down for a variety of reasons. I really liked the look and idea of the sweater when I started, but there were a few technique details that made it a little challenging. First, I modified the pattern to knit the body all in one piece, but kinda ran into a little trouble when I went to do the hem and pockets. As a result, the back hem is turned to the back, but the front pockets and hem are turned up into the front. Then, there was the super long collar which seemed to take forever! But, Now that I am done, I love it! It is really cosy and I actually like that the sleeves are a little long on me. I also love that it is a long line sweater that keeps my backside nice and warm too! The yarn is a great merino that I got from Sliver Moon Farm at Rhinebeck a couple of years ago.

Also, I finished just in time. It’s supposed to dip down into the thirties this weekend, but with this sweater, I know I will be warm. With the advent of the cooler weather, I am definitely taking a closer look at all my woollies.

How about you? Are you prepared for colder weather?


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  1. I think your block looks like a spider web. To my eye, your stiches look very even.

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