Do you like cornbread?  I like cornbread a lot and my favorite part of cornbread is the crust.  I sometimes like to make corn muffins because you get more crust than doing a round or square pan.  Last weekend, I got one of these and I am quite smitten with it.

I have always looked at this pan and thought it would be fun to have, but I talked myself out of buying it every time.  It’s too fiddly.  Wow, isn’t this heavy.  It looks heavy to clean.  Won’t I need more than one.  It only makes 9 sticks.

So, what finally convinced me to get one?  A gift card.  Really, I wasn’t paying for it myself and there wasn’t much else in the store that I wanted.  The gift card has to be used, right?  Right.

The day after we brought it home, we tried it.  The first time, the husband buttered the pan and for some reason, he is skimpy with things like that.  As a result, the cornbread stuck to the pan like crazy.  We got about 5 half corn sticks and a bunch of cornbread crumbs.  And it was not easy to clean out, I will tell you.  The pan was hot and it was Not Coming Out.  Well, I finally got it reasonably free of crumbs after scraping it with a butter knife.

The next time, I did the buttering of the pan and I put a small pat of butter in each corn well.  Then, I used a brush to make sure it got in all the nooks and crannies (there was still some of the old cornbread stuck in there, but I pressed on, ignoring them).  I stuck it back in the oven to heat up and then filled up the wells again.

This time, they just fell right out of the pan.  Beautiful.  And extra buttery.  There’s lots of crust, too.  And they look cute.  Yum!

The lesson:  Don’t be skimpy with the butter!

I think these are definitely going on our Thanksgiving table and I might even go get another pan.  After all, wouldn’t it be nice to be able to bake the whole recipe at once, instead of having to refill the pan?


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