A is for Anticipation

It’s December 1st.  Many people pull out their advent calenders today to begin the countdown for Christmas.  We do not have an advent calender.  A few times, we’ve received one as a gift–the kind that comes with little perforated doors with candy behind them.  Inevitably with those, we get behind and end up doing a sort of a sprint at the end where we punch out lots of numbers and eat lots of chocolate all at once.

I also really admire this idea of advent envelopes, like my good friend does on her blog and which I also saw on this blog.  However, I don’t really have the patience to make my own envelopes, at least not this year.  I have often thought about sewing an advent calender, like this one, only not Dr. Seuss, but I think I am a little late for that this year.  Maybe, just maybe, I’ll plan ahead and do one for next year.

Why is it all such a rush in December?  It’s not as if we don’t know this month is coming.  We have 11 months out of the year to prepare and yet, somehow, many of us seem to save it all up until it arrives.  Now, every time I go to the store, the parking lot of jammed, there’s huge lines, and, once again, I cannot find any molasses in the stores.

So, today begins 25 days of Anticipation, Busyness, and Celebrating.  The ABCs of December.  Well, in lieu of an advent calendar, I thought I would try to think of a fun word for everyday leading up the Christmas–words that describe different aspects of this crazy time of year.  Starting with the letter A.

So here goes:

Anticipation.  Lots of projects going on here, including this one that I started a few days ago.  I am almost done with the piecing.  Next, I think my geometry skills are going to be put to the test.  I really have no idea how this is going to turn out, but I have a Monday deadline, so I hope it turns out well!

Amaryllis.  (Yeah, I know, not really a word that describes Christmas, but I couldn’t resist. ) I love these!  I went through about 25 boxes of these looking for one that would hopefully be blooming during Christmas week.  It is really fun to see these grow by measurable amounts everyday–now that’s Anticipation for you!

There is a lot of anticipation, good and bad, that goes on during this season.  Personally, I look forward to enjoying good food with people I love and giving gifts to make those same people feel special.  I look forward to laughing and celebrating and enjoying all the wonderful gifts that have been given to us–the best of which are not material, but eternal.

What do you anticipate this holiday season?


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  1. Getting my sewing machine back. It is in the shop right now with fraying wires at the accelerator pedal. Machine does not work unless the wire is at the right angle. No sewing will be done until I get that fixed.

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