3 for 1

Yes, I know. I am behind in my word of the day for the holidays. Some of these were tough and it was also a busy weekend.

I– Illuminated

Lights are everywhere now. I love how they cheer up the night.


The oldest has finally taken off the training wheels and is whizzing around everywhere. Joy=Speed around here now.


A traditional Alsacian Christmas treat. I doubled this recipe from David Lebovitz, but the loaves were a bit small. I would probably bake it all in one pan next time, if there is one. This is the fourth recipe I have tried over the years, and so far, it is the one I like the best. I have a couple more recipes to try, so the search continues. Maybe it would help, if I actually took a trip to France and tasted the real thing!

But even if I never make it to France to taste the real thing, I have a feeling that I will keep making this. It’s a cross between a bread and a cake, but it’s not too sweet. I replaced about a third of the raisins called for in the original recipe for my rum-soaked fruit mix and it was really yummy. I have never been a huge fan of dark raisins, so the variety of fruit perked it up considerably for me. It’s perfect for breakfast with a cup of tea or coffee.

Tomorrow, I’ll be back with more baking. The oldest just said to me that he thought I might be overdoing the baking. Is there such a thing this time of year?


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