Small World, Big Holiday

Happy St. Lucia Day!  A traditional snack in Sweden on this day is the St. Lucia bun. I made them for the first time last year and the husband loved them. Today, I am making a new recipe given to me by a good friend. Their signature ingredient is saffron.

Here is a tray of them before they go in the oven.

And here they are after they come out. Don’t they look good?

As you have probably figured out by now, I am really fascinated by how other countries and cultures celebrate Christmas (well, any holiday, really, but let’s just focus on the one at hand). And, I love to learn about all the different foods that are associated with Christmas in different countries and cultures around the world. My dream is to travel to different countries during the holidays to taste, for example, kugelhopf in France or St. Lucia Buns in Sweden or Pannetone in Italy. But, since we are not millionaires, I’ll have to settle for making these treats in my own kitchen and celebrating in those countries in my mind.

This makes our holiday season really multicultural.The boys love all the different treats we eat and every year, we learn a little more how small our world is becoming. It amazes me to think about how many people around the world are celebrating the same holiday, giving gifts, gathering with loved ones, and sharing food.

I hope that through all these different treats from different countries, my boys will learn that all people are different, all people are special, and all people should be treated with love and respect. I know that food is a funny way to teach these things, but food has a funny way of bringing people together.

Anyway, in case you were curious, L is for Lucia. She is often associated with light. And M is for multicultural.  Christmas, celebrated by people all over the world, is nothing if not multicultural.


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  1. The only Swedish I speak is “Uff da! gravlox, and Santa Lucia buns.” Need I say more?
    Great job on the shaping!
    The Opal Lady

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