I knew when I started this word-a-day advent thing that the letter Q would be a difficult one.  I thought about making it boring and using the word quiet (which does not really say Christmas to me) or quaint (again, that doesn’t really describe our Christmas).

Then, I turned to food when I spotted this recipe for a type of biscotti called Quaresimali in Ready for Dessert.   Once again, I find myself using one of David Lebovitz‘ recipes and being impressed by both the ease of his recipes and the results.  I have not counted the number of recipes of his that I have made this year, but I can say that every single one of them turns out beautifully and deliciously and (most wonderfully of all) easily.

This biscotti came together in less than 15 minutes in a bowl-no mixer required.  And they are the crunchiest biscotti I have ever had, even though I cannot pronounce its name.  If you like crunchy, you will love these.  They are a little lemony and a little cinnamony.

But wait!  There’s more to this Q letter than I originally intended.  On Saturday (Q-day), we were at a local Asian supermarket and I saw these.

Don’t you know what they are?  They are quinces and they are a rare sight around here.  Whenever I have seen them, there are usually just a few and they look like they might not be quite ready.  At the H-Mart, there was a huge pile of them and they all looked great.  I wish you could smell this fruit.  It has an amazing flowery, sweet, fruity, citrusy scent that is better than any perfume I have ever smelled.

Well, of course, I have never cooked a quince in my whole life, so when I got home, I went searching for recipes.  Guess where I found a few?  You’ve got it!  Ready for Dessert comes through again.  This time, I opted to try the quince paste (though I was really tempted by the quince marmalade).  I chose this recipe for three reasons: 1. I had some quince paste at a restaurant a few months back (or was it a year?) and it was really yummy.  2.  It goes really well with Manchego, my favorite cheese.  3.  I didn’t have to peel or core the fruit (I am really lazy sometimes!).  The laziness thing kind of backfired for me because I had to stir the paste on the stove for an hour before it was done.  However, the results were worth it.

I think the squares were supposed to be thicker, because I got something like a hundred squares instead of 60, but I’m not complaining.  It is really yummy.  The boys are calling it quince jelly and it has a similar texture to turkish delight, only grainier.  The quinces have a grainy texture like pears and that definitely comes through.  Having this around will really inspire me to create cheese plates!

Well, now that I’ve talked your ear off about the letter Q, I’ll save R and S for tomorrow.


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  1. You’ll have to make your own cheese to go with it 🙂

  2. Wow! Again, very interesting! : )

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