A Little ReCap

Christmas is all done.  I hope yours was as good as mine.  Here’s a brief recap.

  1. I had to knit all during our Christmas candelight service, but I did get the fingerless mitts done for the boys.  The pattern is from the Fall in Full Color knitting club.
  2. I also managed to finish the elder son’s denim sweater, so we were all matchy matchy for Christmas Day.  The younger one is almost too big for his, so unless I knit another sweater, this might be the last year for the whole family matching sweater thing.  The boys might hate me for it when they are older, but for now, I love this! 
  3. The stollen was amazing.  This is the third year I have made the recipe from this book and this year’s was the best so far.  I attribute it to a very warm kitchen when it was rising.  In year’s past, it’s been very chilly on the day the stollen was made.
  4. I tried making Jim Lahey’s panettone recipe on Christmas eve and it was a real flop, literally.  I may have put in too much fruit or too much rum, but it never rose the way it should have and was fairly dense.  We called it Christmas bread and ate it anyway, because it was pretty tasty–it just wasn’t panettone.
  5. Of all the cookies I made this year, the Speculoos recipe from this book was our favorite.  I may have to make some more recipes from this book to see what else might be good.
  6. After all the festivities were over, I was able to work some more on a project that was not a Christmas gift.
  7. The boys have been busy spying around with their night vision goggles.  Darkness may never be the same in this house again! Don’t they look ready to catch some bad guys?
  8. Speaking of gifts, the runaway winner this year is this toy.  It’s called Perplexus and at our party, it got passed around by all the guys. 
  9. Last night I slept for 10 hours straight and woke up with the customary post-holiday-coming-down-with-a-cold-feeling.
  10. I now have 6 days to look forward to with nothing on the calender.  Yay!

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