Queen Mommy

12 days after Christmas is the day of Epiphany.  Traditionally, this is celebrated as the day that the wise men came to visit the baby Jesus.  It’s not really historically accurate, but neither is the date for Christmas, so we all sort of overlook that.  Many people around the world celebrate this day by making some sort of cake or bread.  If you haven’t noticed, if a holiday has some sort of baked things associated with it, I am instantly interested, even if I am not that nationality or religion.  Good food knows no boundaries, right?

Last year, we made this New Orleans style bread.  The bread (or cake) is in the shape of a large donut or just a circle, which is supposed to represent a crown of sorts.  A trinket is hidden somewhere in it and whoever gets that piece (if they haven’t broken their tooth) has the right to be king or queen for a day.

As you can imagine, the boys Loved this.  They remember me putting the brazil nut into the bread and they watched eagerly as I cut the pieces.  They ate their pieces carefully and hoped, hoped, hoped, that they would get to wear the crown and be the king.

Last year, Daddy got the nut and was king for the day.

This year, I switched countries and made the French version of the bread or, in this case, pastry.

Gallette de Rois or (roughly translated) Pie of Kings.

It has a crust of puff pastry and is filled with almond cream and pastry cream and one little almond to be the prize.

It was a blanched almond, so it blends into the filling,  Can you find it?

The boys hoped and wished again and we all started eating.  All of us looked under the top crust and none of us saw a nut, so we thought that it would have to wait until the next day when we could finish the galette, but then this happened.

I found the nut.

And I got to wear the crown.

Actually, I felt kinda bad and considered trying to hide another nut in the remaining half, but then the oldest did this to my crown.

So, I decided to enjoy the moment and be content to be Queen Mommy, if only for a day.  I’ll make another one soon.

If you’d like to have a chance at becoming royalty for a day, you can find the recipe I used right here.


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