Finally Getting the Point

I have a little obsession with stars.  Especially quilted stars.  The quilt we have on our bed in the summer is made up of giant stars.  When I made quilts for the boys, I chose a star pattern.  Whenever I look through quilting books, patterns, or magazines, I am drawn to stars.

Recently, I have been loving the stars being made by The Little Red Hen.  She’s been making tiny stars and big stars that are colorful, fun, and make me want to go sew some stars.

The problem with stars, though, is the point.  Actually, it is the multiple points.  I must admit and confess to you that, though I can be very detail oriented in a lot of things, I am not a precision quilter.  Matching up corners and having pointy points is not my thing.  I want them–of course I want them!–just like anyone would want a million dollars.  But, unlike becoming a millionaire, precision quilting is attainable, it just takes a level of attention that I am not willing to give it.

Until last week.

To escape the mob of my unfinished knitting projects, I spent some time upstairs in the school room last week, working on a new quilt.  Somehow, last week, while I was working on this new star quilt, it all began to make sense to me.  I’m not really sure I can even explain what happened to make it all come together.  Maybe it was the accumulation of years of sewing stars or maybe it was the influence of reading lots of great quilting blogs or maybe it was pure chance.

Whatever it was, I am happy with it.  I finally have sewn some stars with pointy points.  See?

In most of the star blocks of my past, I often cut off a few many points, like this.

And these aren’t even stars!  They’re just squares set point and I still could not get them right.  Am I happy with that?  No, not really, but I never bothered to figure out how to change my sewing technique so that I would not have them.  I was more interested in getting to the finish line.

Now, I wonder if I will be able to keep sewing pointy stars.  I may just have to keep sewing to make sure.  If I can figure out what I am doing differently, I’ll try to let you know.


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