The Sharper, the Better

When the husband and I first got married, we read somewhere that a set of knives has a life span of about 10 years.  We kind of planned to replace our knives after 10 years had elapsed.  Well, we are going on 17 years of marriage this year and we still have not replaced our knives.  Here is one reason why.

The Chef’s Choice 1520 Electric Knife Sharpener

It is said that a dull knife is the most dangerous tool in the kitchen and that is really true.  When your knife is dull, you have to use a lot more pressure to cut things.  This means you are more likely to slip and cut something you would rather not be cutting, such as your flesh.  It’s also a lot harder to cut things evenly and quickly.

For years, we used just the honing steel or a little handheld sharpener that you can buy anywhere for about $20.  Then, I borrowed the machine shown above from someone and we tried it on our knives.  It was an amazing difference!  There are three grinding surfaces that you pull your knife through in order from coarsest to finest.  The knife only goes through each slot once or twice.  The noise is really loud, but only lasts for a few seconds at a time.  The sharpener leaves the knives as sharp as they were when we bought them and we only need to sharpen the knives once or twice a year.  It has a hefty price tag, but it is cheaper than buying a whole new set of knives every 10 years.

Of course, I wouldn’t mind a new set of knives, but it’s nice to be able to buy something when you are ready to buy, rather than when you need to replace something.  In the meantime, I highly suggest you come over with your dull knives and give this a try.  Your lives will be safer for it, I promise you.

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  1. Slightly off the subject, we bought Rose L. Greenbaum’s Bread Bible for Christmas. It is awesome! Bert has done all the baking so far-I really want to make croissants. Have you tried those? cindy

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