A Little Payoff

You would think that after forcing myself being forced to work on my UFOs for awhile, that I would have a whole parade of finished objects to show you by now, and I really had hopes of blasting through some of them, but knitting is not to be rushed.  I had a lot more work than I reckoned when I picked up some of these projects.

Take this one for instance:


This is a blanket I started way back in May.  At the point of this picture, I was a little past the one-third point.

With the larger needles and a several James Bond movies later, I finally got to the end.  It was a nailbiter at the end because I wasn’t sure I would have enough blue to finish the border.


I had four balls of yellow for the center and two each of blue and white to complete each section of the blanket.  Basically, I started at the corner with the yellow, increased until I had finished two balls, and then decreased back down to a point.  This made the square, around which I picked up the white stitches.  After I did three repeats of the white lace pattern, I knew I would not have enough to do another, so I began the blue border.  However, before I got to the halfway point of the border, my first ball of yarn ran out.  It was close to the corner, so I just pressed on, knit a little snugger, and hoped it would work out.


Things do not always work out so well, but this time it did.  I had about 2 or 3 yards of blue yarn left!  After blocking, the lace pattern really pops out.  My oldest has been petting the blanket longingly, but I have told him it is not for him.  The yarn is really soft–perfect for the baby I have in mind.  You can get more details on my Ravelry project page.


Now, I’m onto the next unfinished object, but I am afraid this one is not going as well.   I am really trying hard to resist the urge to start some new knitting projects, but I am afraid my resistance is beginning to crumble.


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  1. I love how this turned out! Just beautiful 🙂

  2. wow, what a lovely blanket!!

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