On Delayed Gratification and Other Tactics

I can’t even express to you how glad I am that this project is done.

A Fairly Large Lap Blanket for the Living Room.

This blanket really required some advanced tactics to keep me focused on finishing it.  I suspect that if it weren’t for the fact that it was taking up All the space in my knitting spot, I would have put it down until next winter.  As it was, I had knit enough on it that it wouldn’t fit it any basket or bag that I have and in order to move it out of the way, I had to knit on it.  I was really tempted to bind off on the blanket after only 4 repeats because I was sick of the thing and it was making my hands hurt, but that would have made it doll blanket size.  We have no dolls in this house and since it is a feltable wool, I could not pass it off as a baby blanket.

Also, the blanket almost had a fatal encounter with moths.  When I finished the first skein and went to get the next one to continue knitting, I discovered moths imbedded in the unused skeins.  So, it all had to have a nice long timeout in the deep freeze.  I only encountered one weak spot in the next two skeins I used and I hope that is all for the damage.

So I knit on and told myself that I would be glad in the long run.  To distract myself, I spent a lot of time on ravelry looking at patterns to determine what my next project would be after this project was finally trashed done.  Maybe if I had the right carrot, I could find some motivation.  I even went so far as to wind up yarn for potential projects, but even though I looked, I never gave into temptation.  In the end, I also resorted to setting myself a goal for each day: I Had To knit at least seven rows each day, No Matter What.  That’s about an hour of knitting.

And now I finally have my reward.

A beautiful lap blanket.  You can find the details here in my Ravelry page.

And a new project (or three) started already.  Isn’t this wound skein of lace yarn beautiful?  I love the geometry of this and am really tempted to just stare at it for awhile instead of knit it up.

I’ll tell you about the new stuff another day.  For now, I want to know, how do you get yourself to finish a project that has lost its lure?


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  1. Nice job, that is a beautiful blanket!

  2. usually it goes in time out for a while. My DH is still waiting for an afghan that I started in crochet, frogged, knit some, frogged again, and am now on pattern 3. The good news is that I still like this pattern, so it MIGHT get finished.

  3. I am making myself work on an embroidery project everyday. Last night I worked on it while watchng National Treasure 2.

  4. What a lovely blanket, and somehow it has found a place in my queue. Funny how that happens.

    I’m not sure how I manage larger projects, all I can say is that they have to have an interesting stitch pattern. Other then that, there is no telling when I might decide a project is boring or not.

  5. good for you for persevering! that’s a gorgeous blanket.

  6. What a beautiful pattern. I think you will enjoy the blanket for many years.

  7. That is a beautiful blanket. Making yourself do a bit every day really works doesn’t it, regardless of the task.My other trick, for smaller tasks, is to make myself keep going till it’s done and not allow myself to pursue the distractions that pop up along the way.

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