The problem with starting all sorts of new projects all at once is that I get a little scatterbrained. This week, after starting off with an all day Bakefest on Monday, has disintegrated into a little bit of choas, project-wise. Let me show you what I mean.

Tuesday, I wanted to begin working on the first curves class project, but I have a really limited amount of space in my sewing room/school room/library room/storage room. I basically just have one table and it was full of pieces for this.


My first swoon block. I had to finish it before I could move on to the curves project. Luckily, it came together fairly easily and I like it. I am envisioning a happy quilt, so I am using lots of bright colors–get ready for a lot of yellow.


Then, I finally started work on the curves project and zoomed along nicely until I had to notch them. Ugh. I decided I needed to get some pinking shears to make that job easier, but this also meant a delay.


So, I decided to start some new knitting projects. I wanted to start a new pair of socks for the husband, so I sat down Tuesday night and cast on. It’s a toe-up pattern, so it doesn’t look like much right now. These are going to be my “travel” knitting, so they will go into my purse and get worked on while I am out and about.

Lastly, as a response to finishing that ultra huge and heavy blanket, I have cast on for a light and lacey shawl.


The pattern is the last one from the Fall in Full Color Club and is appropriately called Squall. The color of the yarn reminds of the color of the sky when it is getting ready to snow–and it is snowing right now! What a coincidence.

Faced with all these new projects, it is difficult for me to focus–This could also be from a serious lack of sleep since I was up half the night with youngest and his stomach-ache. I think a little plain stockinette knitting might be in order. I might need something mindless for the moment and I’ve finally moved on to the sleeves with my Rosey sweater. Maybe I’ll be more focused tomorrow?


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  1. Ha – I agree – focusing is difficult – but starting new projects can be addicting. And I felt the SAME way about notching the bunting. I definitely will be getting myself some pinking blades for my rotary cutter! I made it a little better by doing the notching in front of a favorite TV show and waiting for some brown rice to cook. Goodluck w/all your projects!!

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