Shopping Spree

Last weekend, I went on a bit of a shopping spree.  You see, I was trying to get ready for the curves class that started on Monday and our lovely teacher had posted a list of supplies.  Now, as I mentioned last week, I have a very limited stash of fabrics.  I really have not done much sewing in the past 10 years and what I have done has been pretty simple. When I considered my stash and the projects that I wanted to make, I knew that a little stash enhancement would be necessary.  To begin with, I had no flannel and one of the projects called for flannel.  Well, really, I could have used something else, but it was a baby thing and everyone knows flannel is great for baby things.

Anyway, I went to my local fabric shop and they were having a sale!  Somehow, though I had really only intended to buy a little flannel, I ended up buying a whole bunch of stuff.  But, I came home really discouraged.  It took me a little while to figure it out, but here’s what I think happened to me.  I was enticed by the sale (it was a good one), but I was underwhelmed by the selection.  So, basically, I bought a bunch of stuff that I liked, but did not love.  Also, except for a selection of 1930’s style prints, there was nothing cohesive about the fabrics I bought.  None of it really went together!  Sigh.

After mulling things over a bit, I went the next morning to my local JoAnn’s store.  There, I bought more fabric and came home more pleased, mostly because I did what I should have done all along:  I bought fabric bundles–you know groups of fabrics that all go together.


On the left are the two groups of bundles I bought from JoAnn’s and on the right are the 1930’s prints I got at the other store.  I won’t show you the rest because they are really random.

Is this cheating?  Somehow, I feel that I am giving in to some sort of marketing scheme, but I have to admit that I am really overwhelmed every time I go into a fabric store.  I don’t feel that I am very good at picking fabrics that go together, so I generally stick to two color designs.  Buying a range of fabrics helps me because I don’t have to worry about those choices–they have already been made for me.  But, then I worry that my creativity is being somehow compromised.  Ack!

Let’s have a look at something more cheerful, shall we?

Yesterday, while my youngest was watching a movie, I started working on my second curves project.


By the time the movie was done, I had 4 very adorable finished baby bibs.


Aren’t they cute?  I might be making more of these.  I am not sorry I went out and bought the flannel.  They are very soft and cozy.



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  1. They turned out really cute, you chose some really great flannels. And as for not being confident about picking fabrics-do you like Rachel’s quilts & projects? Look closely at them -do any of her fabrics “go together” in the strictest sense of the word? Or do they work because of value? The ratio of light, medium & dark fabrics. Matchy, matchy is all very well, and fabric lines are made just for this reason. But many fabric lines can be mixed as well. Take the time to cruise some of the more modern quilters blogs-you’ll see what I mean. You could start by clicking on any of the links Rachel has up of blogs she follows. I have found that I really like the more modern quilting sensibilities (as well as the more traditional). If you had told me a year or so ago that I would be using grays, charcoals & lots of white for my quilts I wouldn’t have believed it, but here I am finding myself planning quilts with those very colors, along with charcoal. In the end, the best thing to do is not worry about what anyone else thinks of your projects, as long as you like them & like working on them, that is all that matters. Geez, you’d think I was a teacher or something! (Actually I am. I taught & designed needlework for several years.) Off the soapbox now. Have fun.

  2. I think that fabric collects are great – and they really help build a stash. I think any fabric store is overwhelming if you don’t go in w/a purpose. I have been slowly building up my stash @ home – and I find it easier to pick fabrics in the comfort of my own home. If I don’t have a “purpose” for fabric but find myself ordering fabric online or buying @ a LQS, I try to go w/a theme – color, fabric w/words, fabric by a particular designer, solids, etc. That tends to help narrow down my selection. I think your fabric selections look great – I esp. love the gray/yellow bundle!

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