Zooming Along

This past weekend, I spent a fair amount of time working on some various craft projects.


Project #1 from curves class is finally done.  It waited all week to be finished because I did not like the original color of bias tape that I had bought.  I would have gone to the store to exchange it right away, but we kinda had a run-in with the stomach flu this week and I was unable to leave the house for a couple of days.  Anyway, I am happy with the way it turned out, though I am still contemplating whether I want to add letters or not.


I am really enjoying the class so far and looking forward to this week’s projects.  I just wish I had more time!

After spending 8 hours on my new lace shawl, I have finished 12 rows.  I would be much father along had I not had to rip it out and start over twice.  It is really amazing how long it takes to cast on 413 stitches!  Now that I can see the pattern unfolding, it should be much smoother going from now on.  I’d show you a picture, but it really doesn’t look that much farther along.

While the boys were out on Saturday, I spent a few hours working on my sweater pattern.  This does not make an interesting picture as it is all scribbles and numbers, but I will say this:  writing a pattern is hard work.  It gives me a new appreciation for all the well written patterns out there.  It also makes me think that the price I pay for a pattern is just a pittance.  These designers sure are not getting rich writing and selling patterns!


The swoon quilt is also coming along nicely.  I spent a lot of time cutting pieces this weekend and I’ve had a great idea for a border that I am looking forward to sewing.  I’ll show and tell more about that later!  Right now, I have to go and start getting ready to make our fancy V-day dinner.  On the menu: prime rib!

Happy Valentine’s Day!


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  1. Yum – enjoy dinner! My fancy V-day activity is yoga w/my husband. But maybe we’ll cook a nice dinner afterwards! =)

  2. Do you know what is on the docket for Valentine’s Day? Cub Scouts and a church board meeting. Not exciting but necessary work.

    This past weekend I started work on sandwiching an antique quilt. I need more space to do and it looks as if the batting is not wide enough. I and not looking forward to finishing this project.

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