Pamper Your Loved Ones

I’ve been wanting to make some swirly buns for a long time, but other baking always seemed to get in the way. V-Day seemed to be a good time to finally get it done.

I used a recipe for overnight cinnamon buns from this cookbook. Instead of the cinnamon filling, I used a jar of peachy cherry vanilla jam that I made over the summer and a heaping cup of chocolate chips. I also included in the dough some stiff sourdough starter that I might have otherwise thrown away. You can’t even tell it is in there. I made the dough and got it all rolled up in the early afternoon. Then, it had a slow rise in the fridge overnight before I baked it the next morning. For the glaze, I used cherry vanilla syrup in place of the usual milk. It made it a nice pale pink color.

It was a perfect V-Day breakfast treat.

We had a whole day of fun treats and I really enjoyed pampering my family for a day. In a whole lifetime of more mundane and sometimes frustrating moments, it felt good to enjoy something special together. I should try to do this more often. What do you do to pamper those you love?


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  1. I like the substitution of the cherry vanilla jam – clever!

  2. This looks so good. I never make stuff like this and some of my kids complain when I make pilssbury cinnomon rolls. They might like this.

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