The Husband Made Me Do It

Two things I am thankful for today.

Firstly: Crocuses.

I am not sure what happened to winter, but today is positively springlike.  Sunny and warm with these two little beauties showing off.  I had to take a picture before some freak freeze ruins them.  I think this is the earliest we have ever seen crocuses in bloom.  We are all torn between loving the warm weather and despairing for lack of snow days.  For now, I will take the warm sun and bask in it.

Secondly: New Rotary Cutting Mat and Tool

Last week, when the husband saw me struggle with cutting my rainbow road pieces on my 17 x 23 inch mat, he said to me, “I think you need to get a bigger mat.”  Well, he didn’t need to say it again.  While I was at the store, I decided to get a new cutter as well and I am not sorry.  I almost didn’t buy the Olfa stuff.  It is much more expensive than the Fiskars that I currently have, but I was drawn to that extra measuring grid in the center and the fact that everything is made in Japan.  I haven’t used it much yet, but I will say that the cutting tool really is easier on my hands.  I am constantly struggling with my extremely weak hands and wrists, so anything to make a task less strenuous is worth the money to me.  As a bonus, all rotary cutting tools were 40% off at JoAnn’s and I had a coupon for an extra 20% off my purchase.  That made the price for this set more than 50% off at checkout.  I love a good sale!

What are you thankful for today?


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