Love in a Quilt

What do you do when a dear friend lives far away and is expecting their first baby? What if this friend is as special as your own family? Well, of course you would do anything to show that baby (and their parents) that they are loved.

As soon as we found out about this special baby, a group of us got together and talked about what we could do. Of course, we planned a shower and we said lots of prayers.

Then, we all went out a picked some fabric: one from each of the 12 people in the group. Each person chose a fabric that they felt represented themselves in some way.

Then, once all the fabrics were in my hands and I had some time to think about it, I worked on a special quilt for the baby to come. I was especially happy that my points were pointy.

I used a tutorial that I found on The Little Red Hen Blog. It was simple to put together and fun to quilt. I just wish I had taken more photos of it. I thought for sure that I had done a proper photo shoot, but it must have all happened in my head, because these are all the pictures I have.

After it was all done, I made a back with strips of everyone’s fabric and we all signed it.
With Love.
Ok, baby, it’s time to meet the rest of the world now!


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  1. Wow!! That’s beautiful–and am I right that this little baby is Sarah and Kevin’s firstborn?
    What a wonderful way to wrap that baby in love!

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