Steady Progress

Having lots of projects and hobbies means that sometimes there are long stretches of time when nothing actually gets finished.  Projects get stalled for a variety of reasons, not the least of which is lack of time!  I often wish for more time to work on my projects, but I have to balance that with not neglecting other things that need to get done.  Every once in awhile, I have a kind of magic Saturday when I am able to get a lot done, not just on things I like to do, but also in the chores department.

This past Saturday was one of these days. Besides getting a little cleaning done, going out for a haircut, baking a cake, and making dinner, I was able to squeeze in some sewing time.

I worked on my swoon blocks.

I have found that cutting 4 inch blocks for the half square triangle blocks gives me a little more wiggle room to achieve the 3.5 inch final block.  However, I must confess that I really dislike the trimming down part.  I still do it, though, because it produces the most precise and pointy points.  I think I just need to find a zen place in my mind while I do it.

I also finished up this pillow top from week 3 of my curves sewing class.


I had a lot of trouble getting my curves to merge in the corners, but I still like it.  Now, I am trying to decide if I should quilt the block before I make it into a pillow, or just go ahead and sew it up.  I’m leaning towards doing a little quilting with pearl cotton to accentuate the cross in the middle.

Most of my time on Saturday was spent working on a project from week 4 of my curves class.


My fabrics are really wrinky, aren’t they?  I did iron them, but I probably over-dried them in the drier before that.  Oh well, hopefully, they will come out in the wash.  In any case, I really enjoyed making these blocks and I love the modern look of the flowers.  This will eventually be finished into a wall hanging.  I am looking forward to this because we have a lot of bare walls in our house.

There was some knitting done this weekend as well, but I will save that for another day.  How was your weekend?


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  1. Well, I finally started the croissant recipe, but am finishing today. Hope I didn’t ruin them by doing that!

  2. I love that pillow-top! It can’t have been easy to sew those curves so well!

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