Stop and Go Crafting

Some people in my life wonder how I can keep so many projects going at the same time.  Sometimes I wonder myself, actually.  I have easily a dozen knitting projects on the needles at any given time and since I have restarted my quilting/sewing habit hobby, I also have several of those projects going at once as well.  And I bake and cook new recipes regularly.  As I write this, I’m beginning to wonder if I have some sort of attention problem.  But, I don’t think that is it.

It’s true, I do start some projects because I get bored of the other things I have going on, but mostly, I start new projects because I get inspired or I have an idea.  Often, I start new projects just as other projects are nearing the end of a stage.

Take this lovely wall hanging that is ready to be quilted.  This project has ground to a halt because I’m not sure how I want to quilt it.  I am not really confident in my machine quilting skills and it feels risky to do something I am not sure of when this is going to be hanging for everyone to see.  I could hand quilt it, but I am waffling about a design.  The husband and I joked that it actually has a sort of modernesque quality with the saftey pins and the painter’s tape–maybe I could just call it modern art and leave it like this?  The funny thing is that I know he wouldn’t care if I did do that!  Anyway, this will simmer in the back of my mind for a little bit until I get an idea (or I get sick of looking at it in its undone state.  Then, I’ll probably take it down and either finish it or put it away for later.  Any ideas you have would be most welcome.

Also, I have finished swoon blocks #6 and #7.

The purple and yellow one was made with the husband in mind. They are the colors of his favorite basketball team.

I only have 2 more swoon blocks to go before I get to put it together, but today in the swoon flickr group, they are starting a new quilt along with Hopscotch and On a Whim.  I just couldn’t wait to start, so I cut all my pieces this weekend.

Oh, what’s that big blue  thing at the bottom?  Oh, that’s just another block for my sashiko duvet cover.  You see, I like to have a little something to work on in the sewing/school room while the boys are doing their lessons.  Running the sewing machine is too distracting, so I have been working on these sashiko blocks.

Now, what was I saying?  Oh yeah, I was talking about my new Hopscotch quilt.  After I did all that cutting, I had to make a few blocks, right?

I am using a bunch of jelly roll strips that I had leftover from my Dad’s log cabin quilt.  It will be smaller with 54 blocks instead of the pattern’s 77.  These colors are really very “country” and I will most likely give this quilt away, which is why it will be a perfect place for me to practice my machine quilting skills.  If it turns out well, maybe I will give it away here.  Would any of you like that?

So, anyway, all this is to say that having a lot of projects in different stages is all part of the creative process for me.  While the back of my mind waits for some inspiration for one project that is stalled, I go ahead and work on new things that I am excited about.  I try not to worry when my works in progress pile grows and grows because I know that sooner or later, most things get done.  Most likely, if I try to rush things to “get it done,” I am not entirely happy with the results.  Does this make sense?

I also have some thoughts on why I do all this stuff in the first place, but I think I’ll save that for another time.  Meanwhile, I would love to hear how your creative process works.


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  1. Makes total sense to me. Inspiration happens any time and it’s the excitement which instigates the start of a new project even though you haven’t finished the one you’re working on. Really like your Hopscotch colours.LM

  2. sounds like we have similar approaches to starting things. your patchwork projects are quite inspiring!

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