It has been an unseasonably warm winter.  The boys are sad that we never got a snow day.  The snow pants and boots never got used and they really only wore their parkas two or three times.  Now, spring has come early.  Yesterday, we were all in shorts and t-shirts and this morning, I was awakened by a very loud bird singing outside our window.  Usually, I am really ready for spring after all the cold, but since we never had a winter to speak of, I feel sort of surprised by it.

Some things are inevitable in my life, though.  Just as the weather gets warm, I have a finished woolly project that won’t get use until the fall frosts come.


This is the Sheep Heid hat by Kate Davies.  It’s made with undyed shetland wool from England.  This yarn is the real deal when it comes to sheepiness.  It’s perfect for fair isle, or in other words, really sticky, as in, when the strands touch each other, they stick together.  This yarn sticks together so well that some people don’t even weave the ends in.  I am not that person, but I am pretty confident that this hat will not come undone.


I just love those fat sheep with their skinny legs, don’t you?  This hat was originally supposed to be a Christmas present for a friend.  Clearly, I missed that deadline, but since I did not tell her about it, I don’t think she’ll mind it being late.   Except that it’s about 75 degrees outside and a wool hat is probably not something she wants to wear right now.


It is a funny fact that most knitters begin winter projects in the fall and summer projects in the spring.  If you are a really quick knitter, this is no problem.  You’ll probably have that sweater done and be able to use it for a few months before the next season starts.

Me?  It’s not that I am not a quick knitter.  It’s just that I have a Lot of different projects.  I will finish some within the season it is meant for, but others just miss it.  But, that’s ok.  This means I’ll always have something ready and new when the next season starts.  Like now.


Last year, I spent the whole summer working on a nice lacey sweater to go over some sleeveless dresses I had bought.  I finished it in September, just when it was beginning to get chilly and the season for going sleeveless had passed.  Now, I can look forward to wearing it soon.

As soon as I lose a few pounds, that is.  It is also inevitable that once the winter is over and I start wearing warm weather clothes, I find that I have added a little insulation to myself over the winter.  Unfortunately, it is also inevitable that when the weather changes someone gets sick.  Right now, it’s the boys.  And I have a sinking feeling that I know who will be coming down with it next, probably the day before we leave on our cross-country vacation.  It is inevitable.


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  1. I love your blue sweater. Makes me wonder if I could find a print to match it. Someday soon I will have a picture of a skirt I am making for spring and summer.

  2. craftingismybliss

    Beautiful hat. You have mad knitting skillz.

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