SoCal Highlights

We are still recovering from our west coast vacation.  The boys have been sleeping in and I’ve been trying to slowly get myself geared up and going on all the teaching, housework, and preparations for Easter.  This next week will be a busy one, so I am trying to plan things out and roll with it, instead of giving in to feeling overwhelmed.  Really, will anyone care if the house is not spotless for Easter dinner?  Well, if you do, don’t tell me!

Yesterday, I browsed through some of the pictures from our vacation.  Here are some highlights of mine (not the boys’–their list would be really different).

I loved going to the Santa Monica Farmer’s Market.  The array of citrus fruits was amazing.  At one stand, there were half a dozen varieties of pummelo.  We tried three of them.  They were all super flavorful.  I So wanted to buy a bunch and make dozens of jars of marmalade and curd.  But, I was not there to do any jamming, boohoo.

The Ferris Wheel on the Santa Monica Pier was also pretty awesome.  It’s at the very top of my list of favorite rides, if only for the view.  I’d pay $5 for that any day.

Frozen Yogurt.  We had yogurt at least every other day.  There were lots of different places and I could eat them all, so I did!  My favorite was Pinkberry, which was also the most expensive since they do not do self-serve, but I thought it had the best flavor.  These new, tarter, frozen yogurts do not bother my lactose intolerant system,, so I pretty much ate a bowl every time I had the chance–and so did the boys.

Watching my boys play with their cousins was really fun and we also enjoyed chatting and catching up with the husband’s family.  Most of our days were sunny and pretty warm, even though it was colder there than our home back east.  I loved that the parks we went to had these great exercise machines.  Exercise and fun?  Sign me up!

And lastly, but not leastly, I got to go to a couple of fabric shops.  The first was Sew Modern in downtown Los Angeles.  I loved seeing all the fabrics in person that I have looked at online.  The employees were really helpful and I think I got enough to keep me going in my quilting/sewing for quite awhile.

I also stopped in a little sari shop while we passing through little India.  I was looking for cotton, but the salesman was so nice and helpful that I left with a piece of embroidered cotton and a sari length of polyester.  The array of patterns and colors were really great, even if they were perhaps not the quality I was looking for.  Still, a sari length is over 6 yards of fabric.  That’s a lot!  Maybe next time, I will try a different shop.  There’s only so much time the husband and boys are willing to wait in the car for me while I go on my little explorations!

Well, I think that’s it for now.  Baking, sewing, and quilting hopefully will resume next week.   Have a great weekend!


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  1. That fabric Is gorgeous! You will look great in a sari.

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