New Obsession

I have a little confession.  I have a thing for bags.  Not handbags, though I have several of those, but none very trendy.

No, I like other types of bags.  I like the re-usable shopping bags you can pick up from any grocery store nowadays.  They make great library book bags and farmer’s market bags and impromptu picnic bags.  I like to get “souvenir” bags from places we travel to, especially bakeries.  These don’t get as much use.  I just like to look at them.

I also like tote-type bags with lots of pockets and can stand up without falling over.  Those make really great knitting project bags.  I have four such bags next to the spot where I do most of my knitting.

But lately, I’ve been really smitten with these little bags.

Aren’t they adorable?  I used a tutorial from Sew, Mama, Sew!  It took me less than two hours to make these two bags.  Each is the perfect size for a ball of yarn and  little project.  I even added some little pockets on the inside for whatever little tools I might need for the project: stitch markers, measuring tape, emergency chocolate.  See?

I like that they are lined and that they stand up straight without flopping.  I can draw the top closed so nothing falls out and it is soft enough and small enough to be stuffed inside my purse.  Plus, unlike my usual plastic bags, they do not make any noise when you get your project in and out.  This is especially nice in places such as theaters and churches where you do not want to distract anyone around you.

As soon as I can get some more interfacing, I am going to make some bigger ones.  Not too big–I don’t want to lose the portability and packability of the bag, but I can see how a bag that would fit a sweater piece would be really handy for me.  And, there’s lots of other things the bags can be used for: toys, snacks, toiletries, etc.

You can never have too many bags, right?


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  1. These are adorable! I especially like your choice of fabric. How can you resist cute sheeps like that?

  2. i love the sheep!

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