Fridays at the Book Fair

Do you remember book fairs?  We had them in elementary and middle school and, as my teacher friends tell me, they still have them.  The book fairs were always a highlight for me.  I loved going and seeing all the books that I could read with their crisp edges and stiff spines.  When I got a new book, I was always really careful with it, so as to preserve its new feeling.  But, I did not just love to look at the books, I loved to read them.

An unread book is a new world, full of possibilities and potential.  It is exciting to crack open a new book and enter into the author’s world.  There was a time when I could read a book a day, but alas the phase of almost unlimited free time has passed me by.  Nowadays, I am lucky to get a half hour of quietude to myself to read and sometimes I choose to craft instead.

Actually, to tell you the truth, I actually sort of avoid reading nowadays.  Not because I have lost any love of reading.  Oh no, on the contrary, it is because I love to read to an almost unhealthy degree.  I have had to consciously stop reading because if I begin to read a book that I like, I Cannot. Put. It. Down.  The dinner will go uncooked.  The kids will go undressed.  School will be untaught.  And I might not even make it into the shower.  It gets pretty bad if I get into a book I like.

But, I can’t stop reading altogether, so I just try to control myself by reading cookbooks and craft books  I consider this real reading, by the way, even though there’s no real narrative to follow.  They’re perfect reading actually, for the person who has only five or ten minute chunks of time scattered throughout a day.  There is still the occasional fiction book and I like to listen to recorded books while I knit or drive, so all in all, I think I get a fair bit of reading done.

This all leads me to a (possibly) regular series of posts that I plan to start on books I am reading.  I like to hear what other people are reading, so I thought you might like to hear about books I am reading.    There will be a lot of cookbooks, craft books, kids’ books, and even the occasional adult fiction or nonfiction book.  I think books are still really important in our society, be it digital or bound copy.  I learn something from every book I read and I think it a good idea to keep books in our public consciousness (and in our house, which is why we have almost as many bookcases in the house as we have chairs!).

Now that I have given you all the lead up, I’m going to leave you hanging and just give you a photo of what I am currently reading/ just finished reading.  There will be more to come later.

So, what have you read lately?


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  1. I just finished the Hunger Games Series and I have to say it wasn’t so bad! I am going to see the movie on Sunday with my oldest daughter — she has read the series too.

  2. Books are eternal beams of lights in the human experience 🙂

  3. Just finished 11/22/63 by Stephen King. I liked it!

  4. I’m just starting 77 Shadow Street by Dean Koontz in hardback, on my Kindle it is a mystery that I can’t recall the title of-it is in my purse & I’m too lazy to go dig it out & look-I do know that it is by an author that I’ve never read before & so far it is pretty good. On the craft book front, just finished Zakka Style, Simplify, Sunday Morning Quilts & Adventures with Leaders & Enders.

  5. I remember book fairs, but it’s hard not to get so bogged down with a ton of heavy books!

  6. I loved Terri Maxwell’s book. It was such a blessing to go through and use as a study. I think I’ll have to pick that up again, and also post soon about the books I am reading! What a great idea.
    Also, I have the same fond memories you do of book fares, maybe I’ll have to find out when the local schools are having one!

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